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"My husband has used them since the 50s, and I have used them almost exclusively since they opened at their present location in the 70s. They have always been willing to go the extra mile, when I know for a fact the others would have given up long before. I have seen this with them in particular with two vehicles I have owned. One was an 1985 Oldsmobile which had a problem that left me stalling out on the highway and having to be towed to the dealer. The dealer looked and looked, but could never find the problem. Then I decided to take the vehicle to S & S, and through perseverance they located the problem as being a short in a wire in the security system, which was designed to shut down the fuel tank to avoid theft. Whenever the fuel level dropped below the short, the computer shut down."

Superior service for your car

"I have an 88 Lincoln Mark VII and they know I love the car. They have been replacing controllers for the brake system, heating, and air conditioning system. When the parts were found to be totally unavailable, they sent a mechanic to the junk yard to remove the necessary parts from vehicles there. They spent 12 1/2 hours on this, a great portion of 2 days. I call that superior service."

Expert service you'll love

"They are super. Each generation lends its own special knowledge and expertise. There are not enough words in the dictionary or the thesaurus to describe their dedication and caring. I can't say enough good things, and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone."