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When you want a portable generator, come to us for wonderful products by Honda. Our Honda portable generators can give you power whenever you need it. Our wide line of products include smaller, more portable models, high wattage generators, and more. Cast iron cylinder sleeves, rugged engines, and ball-bearing supported crankshafts ensure your generator's durability.

Get outstanding features

Our generators include great features such as super quiet operation, fuel efficient operation, inverters for stable power when using a computer, compact designs, wheels, folding handles, and much more! Find the right generator with this helpful guide.

Many models to choose from

  • Honda EB5000
  • EU Series SuperQuiet
  • EU1000iA
  • EU2000iA / Camo / Companion
  • EU3000iSA
  • EU6500iSA
  • EU3000i Handi
  • EM5000iSAB

Buy a dependable Honda water pump from us

In addition to our Honda generators, you can also come to us for other reliable Honda products. For instance, our Honda water pumps are second to none when it comes to providing unparalleled performance and durability.