Since 1980, our company has provided high quality service throughout the area.

We stand behind every repair job that we do and believe that service will always be more important than price and we still keep our prices below industry standards. Our combined experience is over 200 years in the automotive industry, so we feel confident that when you leave our facility you will have received the best care and service available. Our entire crew is trained to provide excellent customer service and are experts in the products we deliver. Progressive knowledge, consistent training, and ongoing educational classes for the complex diagnostic equipment necessary for today's automotive industry are constant priorities.

As part of our extensive line-up of services, we offer exemplary automotive repair including brakes, exhaust, transmissions and engines, front end and steering, tires and alignments, and clutches. We are proud to be a one-stop-shop for many motorcycle services, including brakes, tire changes, exhausts, engine work, suspension work, and various other repairs. Lastly, we offer complete sales and service of generators, water pumps, snow plows, salt spreaders, and stereo & video equipment.

For over 36 years, S&S Auto Performance Inc has been a trusted source of vehicle repairs, including car and motorcycle service. Call today to learn more about our services.